Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Woooooooooooo!!!  K-State beat Texas last night at Texas!  Oh wait, how would I know - I didn't watch it!  A colleague who is not from Kansas or Texas told me this morning.  And then Ryan proceeded to inform me that we might officially be the worst K-State fans ever.  It's not that we didn't know about the game.  We had discussed it and even considered DVRing it in case we couldn't catch the first part live.  Ryan's dad even reminded him during the day that the game was later.  So...how did we miss it?  We just plain forgot!  If that doesn't make us the worst fans ever, we also missed their four previous wins against KU, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Mizzou.  How did we forget about the KSU/KU game?!?!  (Of course, we had the pleasure of watching the first KSU/KU game of the season with a bunch of KU fans...yeah, when KSU got stomped.  Even so, I was still representing in all my purple attire.  Sorry Vearl.)

In an attempt to redeem ourselves, I'll let you know we did physically attend the KSU/CU basketball game this year in Boulder.  Too bad we lost!  That was the last loss the team has had this season!  It was a very exciting game that came down the the final seconds.  I actually thought we won because one of the players shot a last second three pointer and made it!  I was cheering and giving high fives to all those around me...until Ryan tugged my shirt and told me he didn't actually get the shot off in time.  Oops.

(Sorry about the fuzzy pictures and the funny looks on our faces.  We are both very, very bad at self portraits with the iPhone.)

We also attended the KSU/CU football game in Boulder last fall.  We lost that one too!  I'm seeing a theme here.  Maybe it's better if we don't watch the games...

But we got to see Luke and Leslie so that part was awesome!  Leslie and I have known each other since I was 5 and she was 6 and I'm pretty sure we became best friends immediately.   

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