Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Good News/Bad News

Good News:  Copeland was a Lil Pumpkin for Halloween and got to greet Trick or Treaters at the door.
Bad News:  We had way more candy than trick or treaters so we have a giant bowl of leftover Halloween candy (some might see this as good news...)
Good news:  Bath time has become a special Daddy/Son time.
Bad News:  Really there is no bad news about that.
Good News:  Copeland smiles now!  He started right around 7 weeks and it melts my heart.
Bad News:  Little stinker can be stingy with those smiles sometimes.

Good News:  In addition to smiling Copeland has a few other expressions in his repertoire.
Bad News:  Some of those faces are vvveerrrryyy similar to what his father gives me.
The "You're Weird" look
The "Could You Stop Talking So Much" look
Good News:  Copeland had his 2 month check up and he is healthy and growing well.
Bad News:  He had to get vaccination which = 4 shots.  :(
Good News:  We got to visit Daddy at work and whew it wore us out.
Bad News:  Daddy was pretty busy so we only got to stay a little while.
Good News:  Copeland got to meet Uncle Rob, Aunt Jaime, and cousins Kylar and Ashlynn.
Bad News:  He only got to spend a couple days with them.

Good News:  Copeland has the cutest little feet on Earth.
Bad News:  Those adorable little tootsies won't stay so cute forever.
Good News:  I finally made it back to the gym when Copeland turned 8 weeks.
Bad News:  I had planned to go to the gym at 6 weeks when I got the all clear from the doctor but I put my back out the day after my appointment.  It was finally feeling better at 8 weeks but then at 9 weeks I decided to run...bad idea - I re-aggravated my back.  Man I'm falling apart.