Monday, July 25, 2016

Time Flies

Barrett is now almost four months old and I can't imagine life without him.  He is such a sweet little guy and truly a super easy baby as far as babies go.  He is and always has been such a little snuggler but now that he has been in school for two full weeks he is getting the hang of putting himself to sleep (before I never knew if he could because I pretty much always held him).  I can pretty much put him down and he'll roll to his side and fall asleep.

He has been smiling since he was about seven weeks old and he is so quick to flash a grin.  He is the smileyist baby I've ever seen.  He still doesn't laugh but I'm expecting he'll do that soon.  Such a laid-back, calm, happy little fella.  I just can't get enough of him.

Copeland loves his little brother, too.  At school he will tell all the kids to get back and that they can't touch his brother.  This makes me laugh so hard.  He does occasionally get jealous, even more so now that I'm back at work and it seems like I don't get to spend as much one on one time with him.  When I was on leave I could hold Barrett all day and make sure he was fed before Copeland got home so I'd have time to spend with Copeland.  Now that I'm back at work Barrett wants to nurse the minute he gets home, no matter what time he last ate.  And sometimes he will eat FOREVER.  He never used to eat for a long duration but I suppose that is his way of saying he missed me.  I've been planning and going on dates with Copeland during this transition so he doesn't feel like I've forgotten him.  

My transition back to work has been more difficult than last time and I can't exactly explain why.  It seemed like leave was shorter and that getting back into the swing of things at work is harder.  My brain doesn't seem to be functioning as well, either.  I know I'll get there but it is definitely a work in progress.  If only the US offered just a bit longer leave...

Barrett has been "talking" since about 7 weeks.  It is so cute to look in his eyes and have little conversations with him.  His cooing is adorable.  It's not very loud and it's not constant so we think little Barrett is going to be more on the quiet side.  We could be wrong but at this point Copeland always says "Barrett and Daddy are quiet.  Mommy and Copeland are NOT quiet".  Hahaha!

Here is a picture of my little family taken when Barrett was 5 weeks old:

The boys in that picture are my world and melt my heart every day.