Monday, August 26, 2013

35 weeks and 1 day

Here I am at 35 weeks and 1 day - at least that's what the doctors say I'm at but I'm convinced I'm actually a little ahead of that because the doctors continually tell me that I am measuring about two weeks ahead in baby size.  My last ultrasound at 32 weeks they said he was huge and just last week at my 34 week they said he was still huge.  I do believe he will be a big baby but I have a hard time believing I'm not also a little ahead of their due date timeline.  I'm no doctor and I've never had a baby before but that's what I think.  Now we're at the point where we go to the doctor every single week.  That sure is making it very real.  That and the fact that I just got to the point where I'm really, really swollen and I don't think it has anything to do with the heat.  I am just poofy and there is really nothing that helps it.  If I'm having Braxton Hicks I don't know it but I've heard/read not everyone notices them.

We took two more baby classes - Babies, Baths, and Booties and Pediatric CPR & Safety.  I really liked the Babies, Baths, and Booties class because it helped level set expectations on exactly what would happen post partum and also taught us a lot about taking care of baby boy once we get him home.  I also liked the Pediatric CPR portion of our other class because I've never taken a CPR class in my life and although I hope I never ever have to use it, I feel better now that I have an idea of what to do.  The Safety part of that class...hmmmm...I didn't like that as much.  I kind of felt like the teacher pretty much did everything she could to scare the living daylights out of us and ensure that we wrap our children in bubble wrap and triple safety proof every single thing in our house.  I am all for safety and obviously don't want my child to be hurt but I also think there is a level of unreasonableness as I can't have him walking around in a bubble for the rest of his life. And I also didn't appreciate what I felt like were scare tactics when we're already entering an uncertain and "scary" enough time in our lives.  Ryan also felt it was over the top so I know it's not just me.  Anyway, I'm still glad that we took all the classes because even though I know we would have eventually figured out everything that was taught (and will still likely have to figure out how it all works specifically for us) it helped me to have some expectations and some plans (even if they're flexible) in place because I'm the type of person that really thrives on preparation.

Now we are on to making sure the baby room is totally ready and packing our bags and getting all of our documentation ready for the big day.  We've washed and put away all of his clothes, bedding, towels, etc.  We purchased my diaper bag (it is the cutest thing ever - for a diaper bag at least) and have started making a list of what to put in it.  And we have all the FMLA/benefits, hospital pre-registration, birth plan, and other documentation ready to go.  Now I just have to try to get all of my responsibilities finalized at work so I know I'm not leaving any of my colleagues hanging when I'm out.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

33 and 34 weeks

Here are my pictures at 33 weeks and 1 day and 34 weeks and 3 days.

Our 34 week appointment is tomorrow but at the 32 week appointment everything was just fine and the doctor confirmed that baby boy is in the right position (head down and facing toward my back) and apparently I am doing great and have a good pelvis (the things I find a compliment these days...) for birth, which is a really good thing because baby boy is still measuring in 2 weeks bigger than they think he should be at this point.  Other than that I have finally reached the point where I am feeling uncomfortably large.  It's the little things I notice - like how I can't push my chairs in close to tables/desks so at work I feel like I'm typing from 5 feet away and when I eat I feel like I have to try to lean way in to get my food in my mouth because I'm sitting so far away. It's really strange and I often forget how big I am and try to act like I'm still pre-pregnancy me!

Baby boy is still SO active.  I've read that once babies start getting so large inside your belly they aren't quite as active because there isn't enough room but I have not experienced that.  I still have a wild baby.  I feel (and see) him ALL the time even though 2 weeks ago the doctor estimated he was already 5 lbs 6 oz.  If he's growing like all the books say he is that means he is likely over 6 lbs right now.

We've taken one more baby class since I last wrote - Breastfeeding.  There were some very helpful tidbits but the best thing was that the instructor said most insurance companies provide breast pumps.  I didn't realize that and I was so excited that I immediately called my insurance company and found out they reimburse 100% of the cost!  What a great benefit!  I ordered mine today.  :) Electric double pump baby.  I'm going to look like a Holstein at a dairy farm.  I don't think Ryan got as much out of the class as I did but apparently it provided for some lively discussion for him with his coworkers.

If you noticed anything besides my belly in the pictures above it might be that my hair is now short. I chopped it all off (9 inches) and donated it to Pantene to make wigs for cancer patients.  It is my second donation in four years.  I figured they would appreciate my thick and healthy pregnant hair.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Pregnancy Story

The other day I was preparing for work and slipped on a dress that had shrunk slightly in the wash. I typically like my hemlines to be at or below knee length, especially for work as I try to be fairly conservative there, and now this dress was a little bit above the knee.  So I walk out into the kitchen where Ryan was preparing who knows what (probably something in his Vitamix) and asked him "Is the length of this dress inappropriate for work?"  And he looks at me while moving about his business and (I'm not exaggerating at all) says matter-of-factly "Your boobs are huge." 

I was a little thrown by his answer because I had asked nothing about my bust line and I also take precautions to make sure the girls are properly covered up; however, I thought maybe my camisole AND dress weren't doing the job so I glanced down at my chest region to check and I didn't see anything amiss so I said "Do my boobs show too much in this outfit?" and Ryan replied "No, they're just huge."  


So I walked back into the bedroom to ponder his sage observation and realized that while I'm not really sure if Ryan ever heard the original question he did inadvertently/indirectly answer it by demonstrating that no one is looking at my legs right now.  So I wore the dress to work.  The End. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

31 and 32 weeks

Here are pictures of me at 31 weeks and 32 weeks and 2 days.  Whoa, look at that belly!!!

It seems like in the past couple of weeks I've REALLY grown and am definitely starting to feel the extra weight now.  My feet get a little tired if I'm on them too much and they are also still swollen and don't fit into much besides sandals.  I still feel really good and not really much has changed minus the growth.  Still don't like hunks of meat or Chinese food, still do like sweets but I'm not as bad as I was about it, still have pretty decent energy and am pretty mobile,  still struggling with any type of shoe that has a strap or tie.  I guess one new development is I'm starting to get the heartburn/indigestion that everyone talks about.  I don't have it all the time or all day but when I wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason (hungry, China pestering me, etc.) that seems to be when I notice it.  I still luckily don't really have back pain.  I think it's because of our glorious bed which I can't speak highly enough of.  What a difference a great bed makes.  

We went to the first of our preparation classes last Saturday and I found it really helpful..  Even though I have read several books, researched on the internet, and talked to several people it was nice getting the first hand perspective of someone trained in birthing (our teacher was a doula).  She was very informative about all aspects of labor and delivery and I liked having an interactive experience.  It was also helpful to tour the birthing and recovery rooms and know exactly where to go and what to expect when the time comes.  The birthing rooms are SO NICE!  They are huge and really decorated nicely and contain giant whirlpool tubs, tempurpedic beds, pull-out beds, all kinds of labor aids, ipod/device hookups, etc.  And you labor and deliver in the same room. Apparently that is not the case at all hospitals but I'm really glad it is at mine.  

We have a lot of the nursery done and really just need a few more things on the walls and a glider/ottoman.  Other than finishing up our classes and finalizing a few last little things to prepare for baby I think we're getting pretty close to having everything ready.  So I guess the countdown begins.  A little less than 8(ish) weeks to go!