Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo Dump

Random pictures from May:

What a sweet angel:
Ryan and Brian:

Ryan working on the deck.  Story of his life.

Attack dog:
The only thing I'm missing here is my partner in crime - Linda:
Ryan prepping for his spin class audition.  He nailed it and now teaches the 6:30 am class on Wednesday at Personal Best.
Us after he kicked my tail in class:

At Amy's surpises birthday party - "Movie in the Park":

Big Time

Looks like I have a few weeks to catch up on!  The second weekend in May, Mark, Wendy, Kya, and Cole and Wendy's best friend Shelli came out to visit.  Kya was very excited to see the pups.

Mark and his sippy cup at Udi's.
Playing Apples to Apples:

The kids were very excited they got to choose toys to play with at The Egg & I
Posing in various hats at the Army/Navy store in Olde Town:

 Trying to swing as high as Uncle Ryan:

Playing at Big Time (because the weather was kind of chilly all weekend long):

 Chilling at home:

It's always a great weekend when we get to see family!