Friday, December 11, 2015

18, 19, 20, and 21 weeks

At 18 weeks I started feeling my little biscuit moving around.  I didn't feel Copeland moving until about 21 weeks so it's exciting to already have this connection.  Ryan and I joke that this one might be more like me because he tends to get very excited around meal times (Copeland was busy at ALL TIMES).

At 19 weeks I finally started wearing some maternity clothes.  The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I was wearing my normal wardrobe...and the Friday after I wasn't so comfortable in most of my pants.  I was still able to wear some of my regular pants for awhile but I think by now I'm in maternity pants for the rest of my pregnancy.  I am still wearing some non-maternity shirts and dresses but I wouldn't be surprised if that ends in the next few weeks.  Strangely, I started showing much later and much more subtly with this pregnancy than last.  Everyone I talk to says that they showed so early with their second pregnancies.  I still hadn't reached my pre-pregnancy weight at almost 21 weeks.  With Copeland I started gaining weight steadily from day one!

At 20 months, I had a visible bump.  I don't have a 20 week picture but here is a 21 week and 2 day picture where my bump has now become much more visible and I definitely feel like I'm pregnant now.  I have finally surpassed my pre-pregnancy weight which means I gained quite a bit in the last week!  Probably has something to do with having my appetite (and sweet tooth) back!