Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Pregnancy Story

The other day I was preparing for work and slipped on a dress that had shrunk slightly in the wash. I typically like my hemlines to be at or below knee length, especially for work as I try to be fairly conservative there, and now this dress was a little bit above the knee.  So I walk out into the kitchen where Ryan was preparing who knows what (probably something in his Vitamix) and asked him "Is the length of this dress inappropriate for work?"  And he looks at me while moving about his business and (I'm not exaggerating at all) says matter-of-factly "Your boobs are huge." 

I was a little thrown by his answer because I had asked nothing about my bust line and I also take precautions to make sure the girls are properly covered up; however, I thought maybe my camisole AND dress weren't doing the job so I glanced down at my chest region to check and I didn't see anything amiss so I said "Do my boobs show too much in this outfit?" and Ryan replied "No, they're just huge."  


So I walked back into the bedroom to ponder his sage observation and realized that while I'm not really sure if Ryan ever heard the original question he did inadvertently/indirectly answer it by demonstrating that no one is looking at my legs right now.  So I wore the dress to work.  The End. 


  1. Ha, that is a GREAT pregnant story! I'd take it as a compliment...such a typical guy thing to say. And a definite perk of being preggers, especially for small chested woman like me. :)

  2. Too cute and great for a Friday morning giggle! Have a wonderful weekend!