Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Good News/Bad News

Good News:  Copeland was a Lil Pumpkin for Halloween and got to greet Trick or Treaters at the door.
Bad News:  We had way more candy than trick or treaters so we have a giant bowl of leftover Halloween candy (some might see this as good news...)
Good news:  Bath time has become a special Daddy/Son time.
Bad News:  Really there is no bad news about that.
Good News:  Copeland smiles now!  He started right around 7 weeks and it melts my heart.
Bad News:  Little stinker can be stingy with those smiles sometimes.

Good News:  In addition to smiling Copeland has a few other expressions in his repertoire.
Bad News:  Some of those faces are vvveerrrryyy similar to what his father gives me.
The "You're Weird" look
The "Could You Stop Talking So Much" look
Good News:  Copeland had his 2 month check up and he is healthy and growing well.
Bad News:  He had to get vaccination which = 4 shots.  :(
Good News:  We got to visit Daddy at work and whew it wore us out.
Bad News:  Daddy was pretty busy so we only got to stay a little while.
Good News:  Copeland got to meet Uncle Rob, Aunt Jaime, and cousins Kylar and Ashlynn.
Bad News:  He only got to spend a couple days with them.

Good News:  Copeland has the cutest little feet on Earth.
Bad News:  Those adorable little tootsies won't stay so cute forever.
Good News:  I finally made it back to the gym when Copeland turned 8 weeks.
Bad News:  I had planned to go to the gym at 6 weeks when I got the all clear from the doctor but I put my back out the day after my appointment.  It was finally feeling better at 8 weeks but then at 9 weeks I decided to run...bad idea - I re-aggravated my back.  Man I'm falling apart.


  1. Those smiles are to die for....he is such a handsome little guy. So sorry about your back.....hope you are as good as new soon! Loved seeing all the pictures!

  2. Good News: We get to see him next week
    Bad News Don't get to stay long enough

    Great picture of Kylar, Ashlynn and Copeland. I would like a copy.

  3. I love his little pumpkin outfit! So precious. And his little chin. He's so adorable. I hope your back is better. You don't realize how you use your back for every single thing until you tweak it like that and then it impacts every movement you make.