Friday, October 25, 2013

6 weeks

On Wednesday I took Copeland back to the Survival for New Moms class and got him weighed.  At 6 weeks and 1 day he was 10 lbs 11 oz!  He is definitely eating and growing well.  The class they had that day was all about medications.  One thing they talked about was supplementing all breastfed babies with Vitamin D.  This was the first time I had ever heard about this so asked some other Mom's (in and outside of the class) and apparently a lot of Mom's knew about this.  Vitamin D had never come up in any of my reading or discussions with pediatricians so I was a little surprised to hear about it.  Also, I find it strange that my breast milk doesn't provide everything that Copeland could need.  Anyway, Ryan and I are going to research it more and talk to our pediatrician to see if it's something we need to be adding to his daily intake.  I feel like if our pediatrician hasn't already mentioned it then he wasn't too worried but it never hurts to check everything out.

Some of the things going on right now that I hope to never forget:

  • Those tiny little feet.  Oh my gosh I could just eat those little things up they are so cute.
  • He makes these cute little sighs when he breathes out while deep sleeping.
  • Sometimes when he's sleeping and not completely swaddled he wakes himself up with snorts or wild arm movements.  Hilarious!
  • Even though he's a pretty quiet baby his arms and legs are wild - just like when he was in my belly!
  • Whenever we swaddle him he tries to escape and grunts and groans in his efforts to get his arms free.  He's definitely a determined little guy. 
  • He makes me smile every single day with all the cute little things he does.  Even just watching him squirm around on his play mat and bat at all the mobiles is adorable.


  1. I hope your taking pictures of those little feet....I didn't do that with Zach and I amstill kick myself when I think about it! Have a great weekend!

  2. I think vitamin d is recommended for all babies and kids, but especially bf babies and especially in the winter or if you use sunscreen frequently on your child. I really recommend something like this®-400-IU-drops/dp/B003CT36N rather than the more-common stuff you can get locally. It's just one drop a day and is flavorless so super easy to give.

  3. Yes we did the vitamin D drops. It was basically made mandatory by our pediatrician. I think all my friends who breastfed added the Vit D. It's just a little dropper - easy to do!!