Wednesday, October 9, 2013

4 weeks

I can't believe Copeland is already 4 weeks old!  Where has the time gone?

He seems to be growing and changing every day.  All of his "newborn" size outfits are extremely snug and may not actually fit now as I haven't tried one on him in a few days.  He stays awake more during the day time than he used to and he seems to be a little more engaged with his surroundings.  When we put him on his play mat he will bat at some of the hanging mobiles and he will make eye contact with us.  He still remains a very calm baby.  We were even able to go out to eat at a nice restaurant for our anniversary (11 years!!!).  We were a little worried other patrons wouldn't be happy about sitting next to a potential crying baby and we certainly didn't want to disrupt anyone's evening but he was such a quiet little boy that everyone was actually cooing over him.

He is a very good eater and is almost like clockwork in that he eats about every 3 hours.  I try to disrupt him as little as possible when he eats at night so we can all get back to sleep quickly and I was given the advice to not change his diaper unless absolutely necessary (I'd also read that somewhere too) but that does not work for us because it is always absolutely necessary to change his diaper...I guess maybe he dirties his diapers faster than other babies?  I don't really have anything to gauge it against but we go through so many diapers!

Some firsts - we took him up to the condo for the first time for our anniversary weekend, he has received a few pieces of mail with his name on them, I took him to Baby Time at the library and this is what he did the entire time:
I love this little boy so much...and I think his Daddy feels the same way:


  1. They do change sooo fast....what a beautiful boy!

  2. So precious! And I do think he looks exactly like a mini-Ryan. Maybe he should be Ryan for Halloween ;-)