Thursday, October 10, 2013

Karate Hands

Copeland is one month exactly!
Today we met a friend and her 7 month old daughter at a Breastfeeding Support Group and Survival for New Moms class at the hospital we both delivered at.  For the first hour we weighed our babies and then fed them and weighed them again to see how much milk they are getting in one feeding.  It was really informal and a nice way to get to know other new moms and talk over issues/questions, etc.  And I found out that Copeland now weighs 9 lbs 14.1 oz which means he's been gaining about 10 oz a week for the last 3 weeks!  I knew he was eating well and could tell he was growing but it's nice to have verification that he's growing well.  For the second hour a pediatrician came in and talked about sleeping (HA - sleep, what's that?) and how to get your baby to sleep longer faster.  It's always nice to have more information and it was great to meet other new Mom's and share experiences.  

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