Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is what Ryan spent most of his weekend doing:

For the past year and a half he's spent most of his weeknights and weekends studying and writing papers for his Master's program but as of today he only has one more week until he's completely finished!!!  He's taking two classes right now and one is his Capstone course which aims to tie everything together that he's learned in the entire program.  He has to write an in-depth research paper for that class and has been great about plugging away week after week.  He's so efficient and effective and soooo not a procrastinator but it's still like he has a day job and a night and weekend job too!  I'm excited to have him back in a week!

I tried to get him all kinds of snacks like gummy bears, chips and guac, and cupcakes (OK, maybe that one was kind of for me too) to power through this final week because I remember years ago my sister-in-law Jaime brought me a snack care package during my home stretch of studying for the CPA exam and it was so sweet and I really appreciated all the handy snacks when I had my head down.

Here's to one more week!  The only thing I have to worry about after he's finished is what he's going to tear into next... 

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