Friday, February 25, 2011


Well, Ryan and I have created little monsters.  Why in the pictures below, might you ask, are the dogs circling Ryan like he's a herd of sheep and they're a pack of well trained border collies? 

Well, that my friends, is because he just said the magic word:  "Cheese balls"

We have a giant tub of cheese balls in the laundry room and I started feeding them to the dogs every now and then when I was doing laundry or just getting home from work at night.  Apparently I must have actually said "cheese ball" every time I did it because now we can't even say the word "cheese" at home without everyone getting excited.

It's the funniest thing to see how excited they get and then to listen to them crunch, crunch, crunch the cheese balls up.  Originally, Peanut tried to hoard hers and eat them in private when everyone else was done but that didn't work out so well as Mojo and China would just steal them from her.  Now she holds onto them for dear life!  See the cheese ball in her mouth below?!

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