Monday, February 21, 2011

Cleaning House

So, I've been on a bit of a cleaning rampage lately and am determined to get every square inch of the house in tip top order (and to also "de-shed" one certain dog).  One of my main focuses has been the closet and because I am a bit of a pack rat that is a daunting task so I am breaking it up into small pieces.  Over the weekend I made my fourth sweep in a month through the master closet and one of the guest bedroom closets and came up with over 30 items to donate and also a sizable trash pile.  This is after we had previously filled two trash bags for donations and two for trash.  Who needs all this stuff?!?!  Even after spending this much time I know there are still more items that need to be donated/thrown away.  Baby steps!  It's definitely one of my goals after this exercise to keep my closet clutter to a minimum in the future. 

Now, as I was taking the picture above I noticed something amiss.  I looked in the pile and under the brown bags I noticed something I didn't recognize.  So I dug in the pile and came out with THIS:

A brand new Coach bag!!!!  I love me a Coach bag!  I picked it up and thought, "My this seems heavy" so I looked inside and there was a brand new Coach umbrella! 

Do I have the best husband on earth or what?  I never have to be reminded that I'm SUCH a lucky girl but he still always manages to surprise me!  Apparently he must think that if I throw away enough stuff it's only fair that I get a new purse.  :)  Man I like the way he thinks.  (I'm pretty sure the umbrella was an impulse purchase after the torrential downpour we were unprepared for Saturday night - see previous blog).

What a great way to start a week! 

Before I sign off, I have one more note on cleaning.  Ryan is tackling the laundry room and has started putting baskets on the open shelves and they look great!  That was actually going to be the first part of my blog until all the new purse excitement.

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