Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nice Little Saturday

We had a nice little Saturday today.  I started my day by being pleasantly woken up early by an eager Ryan (after he'd already been to Sherwin Williams, Ace Hardware, and the grocery store).  Then we went straight to work painting our master bedroom.  Here are some before pictures:

Here's Ryan cutting in:

And here I am "helping".  Sometimes I think Ryan would prefer I didn't "help" but is just too nice to say anything.  For some reason he didn't believe me when I told him I was going slow and being very careful with the roller.  Apparently it is not okay to paint the ceiling.  Oops.
China and Peanut just chilled on the bed the entire time we painted while Mojo pouted right outside the door because we wouldn't let him in the room.  (I don't have a good picture of Peanut because she just blends right into the duvet.)

After we got the first coat up we headed over to Amy and Dion's and finally got to meet Lily!  She was delivered on Fat Tuesday (March 8) and for various reasons we hadn't had a chance to visit.  Such a tiny little bundle and so cute with a full head of hair. 
Then we headed to the Melting Pot in Louisville with Scott and Sue as a late celebration of Sue's March birthday.  It is in such a cool building in old town Louisville and supposedly is haunted!  Everything was so delicious and we always have such a fun time with Scott and Sue.

Saturdays just go by too quickly, don't they?!

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