Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

We did our best cheering for K-State last night.  We were hoping China in her sweater might be a good luck charm.  Guess not.
Here's Ryan enjoying the game the best way he knows how:  with a Blue Moon.  I'm not sure if the orange peel in the mouth enhances the flavor of the beer more than just having the orange in the beer? 
Today and for the rest of the tournament (hopefully) we will be cheering for KU.  You won't see Ryan in a KU shirt but because I went to KU for my master's I feel there is no shame in cheering openly for both K-State and KU; however, I will always cheer for KSU during any head to head battle and my closet has much, much more purple than red and blue.
I think the girls might be ready for March Madness to be over as they seem to be a bit worn out from all the cheering.  Oh wait, they always look like this unless there is mention of cheese balls or scooby snacks.

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