Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Making Memories

What a great weekend!  Ryan and I took a quick trip back to Kansas City and had a short but very sweet weekend with family and friends.  We are so very fortunate to have these awesome people in our lives!  We spent Friday night with Ryan's family and had some delicious tacos.

We helped cheer on KU as they beat CU in the Big 12 tournament (because K-State didn't - yes, if you're wondering, I was listening to that game). 

We had fun playing with Kylar and Ashlynn.  Uncle Ryan taught them how to play Angry Birds on the iPad; however, they kept referring to it as Grumpy Birds.  Ha!

We also ate wayyyyy too much of Jaime's delicious strawberry rhubarb upside-down cake!

On Saturday we had some Kansas City barbeque for lunch.  We went to Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que which Ryan and I saw on the Travel Channel Show "Man vs. Food".  The eating challenge there is called the Ultimate Destroyer and it is 4.5 lbs of meat, 1.5 lbs of french fries AND bread and pickles!  We actually saw someone take on the challenge while we were there!  The guy didn't finish it.

Then Saturday we spent the evening with my family.  We got to play outside with the Kya and Cole because it was so nice!

Then we played games inside too.

Here the boys (and Kya) are just chillin.

On Sunday we got to meet Luke and Leslie for lunch.  I did a very bad job of taking pictures on Saturday and Sunday and didn't snap any shots of Wendy or Luke and Leslie so next time I see them I will be chasing them around with a camera!

We got back on Sunday evening and were very tired from the travel and the time change (and Ryan was sick) so we decided that warranted a trip to the DO.
It was tough getting up Monday morning but I walked into my office to find this cute orange M&M.  One of my colleagues brought it back from Vegas for me (along with a bunch of actual chocolate M&Ms).  What a nice surprise to start the week!

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