Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rough Day

This is what I call a rough day at work:

I got to attend the Louisville/Morehead and Vanderbilt/Richmond March Madness games at the Pepsi Center today and it was so much fun!  The games were both amazing and ended up being upsets!  It was so much fun to see the underdogs win even though they weren't the teams I picked for my bracket.  Even with the losses I'm still tied for 3rd in my pool.  Too bad my pool is so small that being tied for 3rd is also the same as being tied for last...minor detail.  Below is a picture right after Morehead upset Louisville by one point with a last second 3-pointer.

On another note, I couldn't get a good picture of Richmond's spider mascot but if anyone is aware of what this mascot looks like, can you please verify with me that you also think this is the creepiest school mascot ever?

Anyway, Happy St. Pat's and Happy March Madness!  Now I need to cheer on KSU against Utah State.  Go Cats!

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