Friday, March 4, 2011

Dairy Queen

I have had a life long appreciation of Dairy Queen.  And even more specifically, Dairy Queen ice cream.  It all started when I was just a young girl and my god parents would take me there every time I visited them, which was often.  Back when they still served ice cream scoops and not just soft serve I would get mint chocolate chip.  My tastes evolved and eventually I started ordering Nerds Blizzards (seriously, I think only a kid could enjoy that).  As I grew older and into my teens, I still would frequent Dairy Queen with my friends.  It was one of the very few places to go in town, after all, and with my Mom working there she would usually treat me.  I remember Leslie used to dip her french fries in her ice cream.  Gross!  And even back then, just as now, she would get up immediately after eating to wash her hands.  Then when I met Ryan's family I learned that his Dad had a love for Dairy Queen ice cream that maybe rivaled mine!  Man it is always easy to convince Vearl that I "need" to go get a blizzard.  However, on Ryan's side we don't call it "DQ" or "Dairy Queen."  Nanaw once mistook the "Q" for an "O" and it's been "the DO" to us ever since.

Even now Ryan makes it a point to take me to "the DO" often.  And let's not kid ourselves, my little healthy eater actually enjoys it probably as much as I do.  I once told him I needed to get off the cupcake, cookie, and blizzard diet and he said he drew the line at blizzards.  We actually go so often that we have a "frequency card."  For every blizzard we buy they hole punch it (the hole punch is in the shape of an ice cream cone, ha ha) and after so many blizzards we get a free one! 

So, a couple years ago, the DO started making Girl Scout cookie blizzards during Girl Scout cookie season and the Tag-Along blizzard became my all-time favorite.  Along with being a blizzard fan, I am a huge Girl Scout cookie fan.  Every year I buy the two of us enough cookies to feed a family of six.  Our next door neighbor girl doesn't even ask if we want to buy any anymore...she just walks in, hands me the sheet, and starts playing with the dogs.  So of course when I received my Girl Scout cookies a couple weeks ago I got excited for the Tag-Along blizzard!  I was convinced it would be the March Blizzard of the Month.  However, when I googled it (hoping that Ryan might take me this weekend) the Blizzard of the Month for March is this:


Mint Oreo!  Although I used to eat mint chocolate chip as a kid...this was not what I was hoping for.  OK, OK, I get for St. Patty's Day.  But please, please bring the Tag-Along blizzard back in April!

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