Friday, September 23, 2011

Office Space

Partway through the Eat Right for Life nutrition series that I previously blogged about, I decided it was time to kick the soda habit.  I figured that whether it was diet or regular it just can't be good for me.  I knew the hardest part would be kicking my caffeine addiction, especially because we have three refrigerators around the office full of refreshments. 
I had been drinking 2-3 cans of diet soda a day (several years ago I was drinking as many as 8 a day!) so I decided to slowly wean myself.  (I'd tried going cold turkey several years ago and it was a debacle.)  It's been over a week now since my first day of no soda and since then I've been soda free!

In other office news, I was asked to be involved in a recruiting video for my company.  Basically, I was videotaped while being interviewed about why I chose the company, what I like about it, etc.  My boss knew when I was supposed to film so he helped by "staging" my office.  I walked in this morning to find this:
Pictures of the CFO/President and VP of HR tacked to my board with a giant heart in between them.  Let's just say that when HR and the video crew arrived at my office they re-staged the area.  And stuff like that is why I love where I work.  HAHAHAHA!

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