Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Camping

Ryan and I decided to go camping this weekend as the weather was still supposed to be temperate.  We were able to find a great spot Friday night and set up.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and played with the fur babies. 

Here tough Peanut chases Mojo as he chases his ball.

Here, Mojo has a fun game of fetch with himself.
China decided to run off at some point during the morning and Ryan found her way down the hill carrying back a prized possession:  a piece of bark.

Later we decided to go on a bike ride.

Unfortunately, we didn't leave camp early enough and it started POURING on us a little over halfway through our ride.  It was SO COLD!!!  We finally made it back and we were both completely soaked. 

 Ryan started a nice fire for us to warm up and read by.  And later we used it to make dump cake.

We ended up running out of propane (we were not the most well prepared this camping trip...)  so we knew we wouldn't have a hot breakfast today.  Ryan decided to make the best of it and brewed his coffee over some coals.  He was very proud of his "survivalist" ingenuity.
 We had a great weekend and everyone in the family is worn out.

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