Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

Is it just me or did the three day Labor Day weekend fly by way too quickly?!?!  Over the weekend:

I made a delicious Korean inspired recipe that is similar to BiBimBap.  Yummy!
We watched Transformers, Dark of the Moon in 3D.  I heart Optimus Prime.

We watched the KSU/Eastern Kentucky football game using K-State TV, which is K-State's new online digital network.  We just had to hook up the laptop to the big screen and we were in business.  We're pretty excited that we can watch the games now as usually there aren't many that are broadcast out here.
We took The Church Lady on a Sonic run.
We got some stuff framed at Hobby Lobby (and tried on hats wreaths).
We got the rest of the ski gear we needed so we don't have to rent anymore.  We're ready for snow in the high country!

We enjoyed a barbeque with friends.
We ate some of the cookies I baked for the barbeque.  (So maybe not all the cookies made it to the party).
We were also able to enjoy the beautiful weather!  After record breaking temperatures in August, the first weekend in September was lovely!  We both enjoyed runs during the gorgeous weather, Ryan was able to do some work on The Church Lady, and we turned off the AC and opened all the windows.  It was a great weekend to usher in the fall!

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