Monday, September 26, 2011

Let There Be Music

When I came home one night last week and found this you could say I was a bit worried:
I knew Ryan was up to something and over the weekend he completed his project:

Now we can listen to music in The Church Lady!  Without the antenna we would get some music through some static through some junky speakers and because we don't have any cassette tapes, we couldn't use the tape player (when was the last time you saw a tape?).  Ryan replaced the speakers too so of course we did some weekend cruising with the improved sound system.
I guess because he was already working on cars he gave the Hondallac (my mobile filing system) a MUCH needed detailing.

Because I love blogging about food (thanks Vearl for pointing that out) I will include some of the delicious meals we had this weekend.  We didn't have any plans so we cooked in for every meal and it was really nice.

Last barbeque of the "summer".  Technically it's fall but the weather was super warm and nice this weekend.

In honor of Oktoberfest. 
Also this weekend, someone in our fur family surprised us with a gift. 
Yes, that is a dead bird on our living room rug.  While disgusting, I must say this was a much better situation than when Peanut brought the live snake into the living room and held it captive under the couch for the entire day until Ryan discovered what it was she had been playing with.  If you've never heard that story you'll have to have Ryan tell it to you.  Amazing that these sweet innocent looking fur babies could create such havoc.
(I know that's a picture of just Mojo's ears.  Ryan thought it was the funniest picture so I included it.)

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  1. Tesla. That was the last one I saw. Five man acoustical jam to be exact.