Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sweet Husband

I'm a pretty lucky girl to have such a sweet husband that puts up with me.  I started off my day realizing I had left my spin shoes at home.  I've been so good and have gone to my new gym Mon-Wed and I really wanted to take a spinning class tonight.  As a fairly inflexible Type A, I was very upset that my plans might change and that I had not properly packed my gym bag.  Then later in the morning, I had to go to my wellness screening for benefits enrollment and that meant having some blood taken.  I do not like to have blood drawn and in this case I think the people sensed it so were super rough with me causing a giant bruise.  I, of course, dramatically expressed all my morning woes to Ryan and what do you think he did?  He brought me my spin shoes AND picked up Happy Cakes on his way home!

  Turned into a pretty great day!  Great husband, great workout, and great cupcakes!

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