Monday, April 4, 2011


Today I joined a new gym as I wasn't wholly satisfied with the gym I already had a membership to.  It really had nothing to do with the gym but more to do with my poor attitude.  You see,  I had previously belonged to a gym, Mountainside Fitness, that I absolutely LOVED.  It was right by our house, had great amenities, great class offerings, great instructors, and we made a lot of new friends there.  Unfortunately, the gym notified us late last August that it would be closing and it boarded up its doors within the week.  I tried the P90X thing and while it really is great and worked wonders, I got tired of working out by myself at home.  I tried signing up at a new gym but it takes 10-20 minutes just to drive there and I found I could make almost any excuse not to go.  So, tonight I finally joined the Colorado Athletic Club in downtown Denver.

It is just a block and a half away from  my office and it has 5 floors of space to work out.  It also has a ton of amenities such as towel service and a stocked locker room so you can get ready in the morning for work without hahving to bring any of your own toiletries or personal items (if I actually ever go in the morning).  I'm hoping the classes, amenities, and proximity to work can help me get over my breakup with Mountainside.

I took an amazing one hour class tonight called Sports Training and OH MY GOODNESS!!!  My heart rate got up really high and at one point I was 99% sure my heart was going to explode right out of my chest.  The instructor made us do so many things such as sprinting stairs, squats on bosu balls, burpees, planks, etc.  The funny thing about the stairwell is that there is a Chinese restaurant in the building next door so when you're running them you can smell Chinese food.  Usually this would make me hungry but tonight it kind of made me sick.

Here I am still red and sweaty after cooling down, gathering my personal effects from the locker room, and walking to my parking garage.
I felt great even though I might not be able to walk tomorrow.  Now I need to pick a class to attend tomorrow!

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