Saturday, April 23, 2011

Acorns and...Bones?

Ryan and I have been wondering for a couple weeks where this bone sitting on our fence came from.
It was so curious because this part of our fence is fairly secluded and is only accessible by tramping through bushes and plants in the front yard and down a rock bed in the side yard only to have to climb on some extra paving stones we have stored right there in that nook.  We knew neither one of us had put the bone there and it didn't make sense that our next door neighbors might have placed it really didn't make sense that anyone would have placed it there.  We think we found out today how it got there:

I'm pretty sure the ornery little squirrel that always plays in the trees right outside our kitchen window is the responsible party.  He/she seems to love antagonizing the dogs by constantly running the fences and running through any trees where the dogs can see him.  I guess now he thought he'd grab a nice, juicy bone to taunt them?  I just love this funny little squirrel.

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