Friday, April 22, 2011

More Graduation Pics

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Tom was a great photographer the entire graduation weekend and Buffy was nice enough to send a bunch of those pictures to me.  As his are about a million times better than the ones I took I thought I'd post them.

The whole crew at Old Capitol Grill:

Ashlynn...being shy?
I'm sure Ryan was being ornery in the picture immediately below.  He seemed to be behaving better in the next one.
Ryan's Mom and Dad
Vearl and Buffy

Here are some pictures we took outside the Denver Center for Performing Arts before the ceremony.

Ryan and Buffy
Ryan with his Mom and Dad

Rob, Jaime, Kylar, and Ashlynn with Ryan

Clayton, Mark, Wendy, Kya, and Cole with us.

And finally, a picture of the photographer himself (apparently after doing something ornery in the first picture) with Buffy and Ryan.

Here are some pictures inside the ballroom where the ceremony was held.

Here are a couple random pictures where we caught certain adults playing with the kids' toys.

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