Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter Blast

Just when I'd been enjoying the unseasonably warm winter weather, we were hit with a February blast of snow that started last Thursday night and continued into Saturday.  Usually, I wouldn't have minded so much but Rob, Jaime, Kylar, and Ashlynn were scheduled to be in town early Friday morning and we had big plans for the weekend.  Thankfully, their flight from Kansas City made it in and Ryan was able to safely get them home from the airport.  It's pretty nice having a four wheel drive vehicle now!  When they got back that's when the real winter blast started!

After they got settled in with some food and warm drinks (and the kids went out and played in the awesome snow), we decided to drive to Winter Park to go tubing.  Lucky for us I found a 50% off deal online for the Colorado Adventure Park.  The drive up really wasn't that bad as the high country wasn't getting nearly as much snow as we were in town and everyone else was reluctant to get out so the roads weren't congested at all. 

Here we are heading to the summit for our first run:

There were green (easy), blue (intermediate), and black (steep) hills to choose from.  We warmed up on the blue and then headed straight for the black.  It was so much fun to go flying down the slope!  We had one double tube and the kids had a good time trading off riding with the adults.  Thank goodness there was a conveyor to take us from the base to the summit because I'm not sure I would have lasted very long if I would have had to walk my tube back up.

At one point Ryan was sitting in his tube at the base so he could take pictures of us coming down the hill.  Unfortunately it's a bit hard to control where you're going while you're in the tubes and Rob was going so fast that he ran right into him!  I think this is the picture from that wreck.  Yep, that's all sky right there.  It was SO funny.  I wish I could have gotten a picture or video of it.

Only after the wreck did we notice this sign (specifically number 7):

When we were finished with tubing there was a nice fire for us to warm up by.

And a little table for us to rest.

We sure had a "blast" the first day the family was in town!  Because I was so good about getting pictures the first day, but then not as good for the remaining three days, I'll write about the rest of the visit in my next post. 

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  1. That looks like serious fun! I am not so good on the skis, but I think I could handle that. Glad your family made it through all that snow! Have a great weekend!