Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Blast Part 2

The next day of the family's visit was snowmobiling at Good Times Adventures in Breckenridge!

Once we got to the Continental Divide we got to stop and take pictures and mess around for a bit.  And the guide let those of us that wanted to play on the sleds a bit more do some ripping around at the summit.  Of course our entire family joined in.

On our way back down to the base we got to go by the horse stables and the dog kennels (they offer sleigh rides and dog sledding in addition to snowmobiling).  We all think that next time we should go dog sledding!  When we returned to the base we were treated with hot chocolate.

After a visit with some of Rob and Jaime's friends in Keystone and dinner at Dos Locos we went to view the Snow Sculptures in Breckenridge.  They were amazing!  Artists start with a block of snow that looks like this:
And turn it into something like this:

This one was my favorite:

It was soooo cold out that night so we went and stood around a fire in the square to warm up.  As we were standing there a couple came up and the girl pulled out her left hand and announced that they had just gotten engaged by this sculpture:

Apparently we were the first to know!  It was pretty late at night when we finally got home so needless to say, we missed church the next morning.  We actually had a pretty lazy day and just visited, cooked, ate, and watched the Super Bowl.  Then, unfortunately on Monday the family had to leave.  We still got to enjoy a little more time together and lunch at Red Robin before we dropped them off at the airport.

We had such a FUN time and are so glad that Rob, Jaime, Kylar and Ashlynn came out to visit us!  We can't wait for the next time!


  1. Sounds like it was a great visit all the way around. That snow is just beautiful!!!!

  2. Wow, those sculptures are amazing! In general I am not sure I could stand living anywhere colder than here and in fact wouldn't be too opposed to being a bit further south, but sometimes I see your pictures and I think, "Well Maybe". It looks like you guys had a fun visit with your family.