Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DU Hockey

Ryan received four DU hockey tickets from his boss for last Friday so we invited Scott and Sue to come along with us for a night out.  We started at Mustard's Last Stand, which is a hot dog joint close to campus.
Then we headed to the match.  We had really good seats but I forgot how cold it stays inside the coliseum when you're watching hockey.  I kept my coat on the entire time!  The North Dakota Sioux were up 4 to 1 in the final few minutes of the game when the Denver University Pioneers staged a comeback.  They scored two goals very quickly to make the game 4 to 3 and I was hoping they'd be able to tie it up.  Unfortunately they didn't, but it was fun anyway.

The next morning, we had planned on skiing but we stayed out so late the night before I had trouble getting up in time.  So we enjoyed the day in town with some coffee at La Dolce Vita, some mattress shopping, and dinner at Luke's, the most delicious steakhouse I think I've been to.  I'd been wanting to try it out for some time and I'm so glad we finally did because it is such a cute and casual feeling little place with amazing food.


  1. What a fun weekend. I have never been to a hockey game so I never thought about the temperature, but that totally makes sense that the whole area is cold.
    You will be so glad when you get a new mattress. We replaced our old one last year and it made such a difference in my sleep and comfort. Although, I had really been excited about those sleep number beds because the commercials make them look so awesome. And then we stayed at a hotel that had them and I was so disappointed. I hated it. So my dream of Jason and I both finding a firmness we loved in a single bed was dashed. But really, I think we are both pretty happy with what we ended up with. It's definitely a relatively easy way to improve your quality of life.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Hope you are both doing well...haven't talked to Ryan in a couple of weeks. Have been wanting to check in, but have been super swamped at work. Bought Zachary and I's Hunger Games tickets last week...the countdown has offically begun!!! Have a great weekend and tell your hubby I said "hello"! :)