Monday, March 5, 2012

Leap Week

Well, I'm afraid I had a much better "leap week" than Ryan did.  He had his wisdom teeth removed first thing in the morning on leap day.  Because I had mine taken out many years ago, I really kind of forgot what an ordeal it is!  I had to drive him there and stay during the entire procedure and then there were so many rules to follow about what he could and couldn't eat, and what he could and couldn't do, and then of course there were the prescriptions and the ice.  Poor guy came out of the procedure in a wheelchair with an ice stuffed sock wrapped around his puffy face.  Thank goodness we found a wonderful bed last weekend so he at least had somewhere comfortable to rest (you are right Meghan - such an improvement on quality of live).  This picture is actually a couple days after the surgery when he was more lucid and less puffy.
During the time Ryan was unable to eat, I on the other hand enjoyed a couple of lunches out with friends.  I met Amy and Lily at Yak & Yeti and discovered they have the best chai tea lattes on earth.  I have had chai tea lattes before and I have been to Yak & Yeti before, but I'd never had a chai tea latte at Yak & Yeti.  I am now forever ruined.  I also got to go to El Toro with Chris to dine on some delicious fried tacos.  Yes, a fried taco.  So incredibly delicious.  Too bad I didn't get pictures of either lunch outing.

By Friday night, Ryan was feeling a little better...well, better enough that he wanted to go to The Archive Room to try Batch 19, which is a pre-prohibition type beer brewed by Coors.  The company found some old recipes when they were cleaning out basement archiives so they decided to brew them.  It was actually really good and a pretty cool story.  Right now it's only available in Colorado but I think they are releasing it to other states in 2013.

On Saturday, Ryan helped Dion put down hardwood floors while I went skiing.  :)  I think I got the better end of that deal.  The weather was actually terrible which made it great for me because not many people were on the slopes.  I made several runs and did really well and had a really fun day. 

Ryan started to be able to chew as the weekend progressed and lucky for me he took me out to Beaujo's.  I had been craving it ever since I walked through Keystone Village and smelled the aroma of pizza.  We also stopped at one of our regular haunts, Arvada Beer Company/Mannekin Frites, during a Sunday cruise in The Church Lady.  We hadn't been out for a cruise for a long time with the weather and with Ryan having it torn apart to do some work.   

A couple other random highlights from the weekend:

We went to Murdoch's and they had baby chicks!  Sooooooo cute!
Also, discovered the best peanuts ever:  Ricky's Lucky Nuts in Spicy Chile Chipotle flavor.  And I read a really, really great book:  Every Last One by Anna Quindlen.  I read a lot and in the past year have greatly enjoyed most of the books I've read but I haven't been this moved by a book in a long time.  It was extremely emotionally difficult but I was just completely blown away.


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  2. I talked to Ryan on Thursday and heard nothing about his wisdom I had mine out when I was still in high school and remember it was no fun. Glad he is on the mend. Sounds like you had great food and fun...always a good thing. Hope you and Ryan have a great weekend!