Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mojo says "I Woof You!"  A colleague brought me that cute bandana for him to wear for the holiday.  Another colleague brought me a yummy dark chocolate covered apricot/almond treat.  I guess I was pretty spoiled at work!
And check out this beautiful purple and white chocolate covered strawberry that I treated myself to and took a giant bite out of before photographing.  Mmmmm.

Ryan was working his company's booth tonight at the Colorado Garden and Home Show (btw - if you are FB friends with him check out his company's page and like it...you should be able to find it through his page) so I went out with the ladies to my favorite sushi restaurant Namiko's.  Sue and Jodi had plenty of sake while others in the group had Kirin or plum wine.  Yummy.

 Audrey, Sue, Jodi, me, and Marlene:
What a great Valentine's Day date!  Someone brought Ryan a cookie at his show so he didn't go without treats.  :)  Speaking of his show, he worked both Saturday and Sunday evenings last weekend so we didn't do anything super exciting but I did get to visit him one night and check it out.  I just had to take a picture of this Wizard of Oz themed landscape. 

Also over the weekend we enjoyed some drinks at the Arvada Beer Company, and ate at my favorite Mexican place Tequila's

I also finished two books over the weekend.  Poor China tried to chill out with me but sometimes Peanut has other ideas for China and tortures her.

Last night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to cheer on KSU during the KSU/KU game.  As usual, we were bad luck for our alma mater.

And there's a recap of our weekend through today.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and great Valentine's Day!

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