Monday, August 1, 2011

Zac Brown Band

Last Friday we went to the Zac Brown Band concert at Cheyenne Frontier Days with Amy and Dion.  We left a little early from work so we could get up to Cheyenne, park, get some food, and get into our seats before the opening act started at 8.  We made it pretty much just in time.  We all dressed for the occasion too.  It doesn't look like I'm cowboyed up but I was wearing bedazzled pants and cowboy boots.  :)

Of course I chose a giant corn dog for dinner.
A couple of our seats had a bit of an obstructed view.

But all of our seats had a good view of the jumbo screen.

The band was amazing!!!  I don't think I've ever heard anyone that I thought sounded better live than on the radio!  In addition to their own awesome songs, they did great covers of Charlie Daniel's Band, Tom Petty, and Union Station.  They also played for a really long time and the concert didn't end until midnight.  Then we had to wait among throngs of people in order to get bused back to the parking lot.  Ryan said we were using all six of Wyoming's school buses that night.  We eventually got back to our car and then made the drive home.  We didn't end up getting in until around 3:30 am!  Wow, I am not used to that anymore!

I slept in pretty late the next day and barely had time to work out, shower, and get ready for a barbeque at my boss's house.  It also didn't help matters that our power went out for a few hours before we left.  Ryan displayed some ingenuity and ironed his shirt using heat from the gas stove as he couldn't plug in the iron.  Hehe.  The barbeque was a lot of fun but we once again got home later than we're used to.

Most of Sunday involved picking up Ryan's new toy, a '65 Mustang.

And because classic cars and Sonic Drive-Ins go together like peanut butter and jelly...we ended up at Sonic.

The car needs some work so I'm hoping fixing it up becomes a fun hobby for Ryan (and keeps him occupied and away from the carpet in the house!)  I think I'll also appreciate this car because it reminds me of my first car, which was a '66 Mustang.

I did pull Ryan away from the new toy long enough to go out for Vietnamese food.  The Dragon Boat Festival was going on this weekend and we weren't able to fit it in (one year I rowed in the festival) but I still wanted to celerate with a little Asian food.  YUM!

Another fun filled weekend!

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