Monday, August 1, 2011

How Could I Forget?

My favorite picture from vacation:
An unsolicited JCPenney pose!  This is when we saw the first moose on our moose hunting adventure.  I love that even everyone still in the car is looking out (if you look closely you can see Ryan inside with binoculars) and everyone else is on the side of the road pointing and looking.  Priceless!

I did force poor Ryan to do "the thinker" in the following pose.  :)  I just can't help myself.
I also forgot to mention that Ryan's horse Tonto was a bit ornery.  He bit one of the wranglers who was helping Ryan get on and then he bit Ryan's leg...when he was on him!  HAHA!  No one was seriously hurt so it's okay to giggle.
Here are a few more fun pictures from our trip:

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