Thursday, August 18, 2011


During the summer we have church service outside on the patio, which is awesome because there is a pretty view and the mornings are always so nice and cool.  However, we noticed (and heard other members mention) that some bushes were slightly obstructing the view.  A couple of members used to trim them; however, they decided it was time to hang up their tools when they turned 70.  So...who do you think decided to go and bushwhack?  Here's a hint:  not me.  I asked Ryan if I could help but he declined the offer and I think it's because he practiced safety third (and not safety first) to trim the bushes.  If you can tell by where that house sits in the background, there is a pretty steep hill right behind the bushes.  I don't even want to know how he got back there to trim the backside...

After his good deed, he was recognized during church service so I guess that prompted him to go back last week and trim the bushes on the pathway to church which we overheard someone call "nylon grabbers"

He was rewarded this time with a home cooked meal while I was out of town.  It's pretty nice that he is kind enough to volunteer his time and it's also pretty nice that people are appreciative of his efforts.   

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