Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ryan loves whiskey and especially Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey, so Saturday evening for his birthday I took him to Stranahan's for the distillery tour.  Stranahan's is a small batch distillery that only makes about twelve barrels of whiskey each week.  Recently, they started selling the product in other states but they couldn't keep the shelves stocked so they pulled distribution back and I believe are selling only in Colorado until they can increase production. 

Copper pot thing.  I don't remember what it does but it's towards the end of the process.  They are adding a few more of these to help increase production.

The 1,000th barrel.  Signed by then Mayor and now Governor Hickenlooper.

Other random distillery pics:

Ryan doing his taste test.  I think he was very happy that Denver County is not a dry county like the county where Jack Daniels is distilled.  And he got to have my sample too because I don't like whiskey.

Afterwards, we had dinner at the adjoining restaurant, Rackhouse Pub.  It is not owned by Stranahan's but they sure had a lot of Stranahan's bottles on the top shelf!
They actually had a lot of different whiskeys so Ryan was able to try a couple new ones.  I think he enjoyed his whiskey themed evening.  And the food was really good!

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