Thursday, January 31, 2013

Well, I was with Clayton...

It seems like a lot of my funny stories start with that phrase...  Anyway, Clayton and his friend Dorothy came out to visit for the Broncos/Chiefs football game and New Year's Eve.  They arrived the Saturday before the game but were so tired from the long drive that we didn't do a lot besides lounge around the house.  Then, on Sunday, we got up and Clayton cooked us a huge, delicious breakfast...he's definitely the chef out of the three of us siblings.  After breakfast, we headed straight to the stadium to begin tailgating.  We had a cooler full of Budweiser products and a bottle of Fireball whiskey.  We had a lot of food with us too but we were all so full from breakfast we pretty much forgot about it.  And that was a bad idea.  So, I'll skip over the rest of the gory details and just let you know that Clayton and Ryan had to go out for dinner later alone because Dorothy and I were otherwise way of being in 6 pm.  That's right.  We were pretty impressive.

Here I am forgetting that I am a grown adult and not 21:
Clayton doing the same:
At the game:

The next day (New Year's Eve), yours truly wasn't feeling too chipper.  Which turned out to be okay because no one else was too energetic either.  We ended up having a calm day at home before we went to Rioja for New Year's Eve dinner.  Rioja is one of my favorite restaurants in Denver and I was excited to take Clayton and Dorothy.  It's in such a cute are of LoDo (lower downtown) and it's owned by one of the most well-known chefs in town.  Dinner was amazing and everyone loved what they had.  Even Clayton liked it and he had been skeptical from the start.  He had said "Is this going to be one of those places where we're still hungry when we're done eating?"  Not a problem.  Look how pretty my meal was.
We finished off the night by playing Apples 2 Apples at home.

We had such an awesome time and I was so glad to get to see my brother for a whole weekend.  It would have been nice if I could have stayed up longer after the football game but these things seem to happen when I'm with Clayton...  :)


  1. I remember a few "well, I was with Clayton" stories of my own from our college days...he was always such a 'fun' influence on us, huh? :)

  2. Every once in awhile it is fun to act like we are 21 again, but sadly, I don't bounce back like I used It looks like it was a great time and you got so many great pictures. New Year's Eve at home with friends and family is perfect. Have a great weekend!