Sunday, January 20, 2013

Party Time

The weekend after my company Christmas party we had Ryan's company Christmas party.  Since he had only been working there for a couple months I hadn't met anyone yet and was excited to do so.  What a fun group of people!  And what a great party!  Several ballrooms were rented out at the Embassy Suites Loveland and they were set up with food, drinks, games, a dance floor, several places to eat/socialize, and a PHOTO BOOTH!  

The photo booth was so much fun.  They had props like hats, glasses, feather boas, fake mustaches, beads, etc. for you to use for your pictures.  I forced Ryan to go in with me twice because I thought it was just the coolest thing.  Once we got them done in black and white and the other time we did it with a "retro" finish.  I LOVE our pics from the photo booth.  This is not a pic of us in the photo booth but it is the only non-goofy pic I have of us.
Here's a goofy pic.  I don't know what I'm doing.
We stayed the night at the hotel and the next morning Ryan took me to see his office, which is so awesome.  It has a SLIDE in it!  Of course I went down it.  I had to contain my squeals as there were other people in the building.
Here's Ryan flying down it:
Then we went for breakfast at the cute little Backporch Cafe.  Later, I met Dana for lunch and a movie - the final Twilight installment.  So good to spend some time with my girl.
The next day we went to 3 Margaritas for Jodi's birthday celebration.  We lucked out because the mariachi band was there.  It was really fun to listen to them play all night and we even got them to sing to Jodi for her birthday.  

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  1. Looks like a great party! As far as that slide goes, I think that every company should have one....Pavestone could DEFINITELY use one!