Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Football, Skiing, and more Football

A couple days after Clayton and Dorothy left was the Fiesta Bowl, in which K-State played Oregon.  Ryan was out of town so I went to the K-State watch party at the Highland Tap and Burger and Jenny met me out.
It was so crowded we couldn't find a seat and couldn't find anywhere to put our coats but a nice woman that I met said I could put my coat with her stuff and eventually I forgot about it as I wandered around and that nice woman and her son watched my coat all night long, even taking it with them when they found a seat!  Jenny and I decided that only at a Midwest type of event could you trust to leave your stuff like that.  Turns out that nice woman's son was a recent former KSU football player, Adrian Hilburn  They were really kind people.
Unfortunately KSU lost the bowl game and Ryan had to pay up on a bet he had with an Oregon coworker.  And he had to eat crow after posting this picture in the guy's cube.  But I still think the picture is awesome.

Then that weekend Jenny, Ryan, and I went skiing at Keystone.  I was SO much better than even the last time we had gone up.  And this time I didn't get tackled by a man who was skiing out of control. I would like to post some pictures here but I can't get logged into my EpicMix account, which has all my ski records (which slopes I went down, how many times, etc.) and pictures that are taken on the mountain.  Seems like maybe I have too many user names and passwords.

The week after that I got very, very busy at work.  Reminiscent of public accounting type busy.  Not quite the same but still very busy.  It was enough that I wanted to curl up in a fetal position and cry while sucking my thumb.  But enough about that...for the upcoming weekend I was able to score some Broncos playoff tickets!  Even though I worked the rest of the weekend, I made sure we could go to the game.  I was so excited!  And then I found out it was going to be something like 7 degrees.  So Ryan and I dressed up like marshmallow puffs and headed to the game.  OH.  MY.  GOODNESS.  Was it ever cold.  I ended up going to the ladies room and hanging out for quite awhile just because there was a heater in there.  And I got hot cocoa which didn't stay hot for very long.  And it's a good thing we had these because I can't imagine how much colder we would have felt without them.
So we thought, "well, if this game is just a blowout we'll leave early".  But the game wasn't a blowout!  In FACT, it was so back and forth that it went into TWO overtimes!  And after missing the exciting overtime win at last year's Bronco's playoff game I was not going to move from my seat for anything.  And then we lost.  :(  And we walked back to the car and tried to thaw out.  Here's a picture of Ryan.  Can you tell it's him?
Here is a picture we took before the sun went down and we were still halfway unfrozen.

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