Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The last week in January was awesome.  It started off with attending the stock show for the last weekend it was in town.  I got to cowgirl up with my new sweet boots.
When we got there we walked through and checked out all the different vendors selling things like cowboy boots, hats, fences, home decorations, clothing, ranch equipment, etc.  We also got to walk through the areas where the livestock were kept and saw several cattle and sheep up close and personal.  In one of the arenas we watched a border collie sheep herding competition.  It was so neat to watch the border collies work with just whistles and verbal cues from their owners.  We only saw one dog complete all the obstacles successfully.  The rest were disqualified because they were taking too much time or they nipped at the sheep.  Oops!  Then we got to watch the rodeo!
I love going to rodeos.  We had one in my hometown every summer and it was an event.  There was a Rodeo parade and everything.  And I love snarfing on nachos and kettle corn.  :)

Later in the week Mark and Wendy were in town for one night for work so we got to meet them for dinner and spend some time together.  We took them to Root Down and they both seemed to like it and we got to visit for several hours.  I love it when family comes to town.
Mark had also brought a package with him from Mom so I got to tear into that later and discover a bunch of goodies:  tea cups to match the teapot my aunt gave me, chopsticks, and a few other items.    To top it all off, when I got home later that night I had a package waiting for me from Momma Sharon and it was FULL of delicious homemade caramels!  What a way to top off my fantastic week!

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  1. Love those boots and that goodie box looks fantastic!!!!