Sunday, September 30, 2012


Ryan loves music (and is the sole keeper of the family's iTunes account) so for his birthday I gave him tickets to see one of his favorite bands, Train, at Red Rocks.  The concert was a week ago Wednesday night and it was the first time for either of us to see Train and to see a concert at Red Rocks.

The show started at 7 so we thought we'd have plenty of time to grab a quick bite to eat and make it to the amphitheatre.  Boy were we wrong.  There is only a two-lane road to access Red Rocks and it was very slow going.  We missed the entire first act but I'm not even sure who it was so I wasn't that concerned.  We did make it in time for the opening act, which was Matt Kearney.  They were great and I did know several of their songs.  It was so funny because the singer kept mentioning how much he couldn't breathe at the altitude (of course he was running around in the crowd and dancing all over the stage).

Then Train came on and they were AWESOME!  So much better live than on the radio and I love it when that happens.  They have been around for a long time and we have both liked them since the beginning so lucky for us we knew pretty much everything they sang, even the stuff off the new album.  They were so in tune with the crowd and did some pretty cool things throughout, like giving away a signed guitar to a handicapped girl in the front row, and throwing tons of signed t-shirts out to the crowd.  It was just a great, happy feeling concert to attend and it was a perfectly crisp and cool evening.  We ended up not getting home until around midnight, which is very late for us on a "school night", but it was definitely worth it to have such a great experience.  We would both definitely go see Train again and would love to see another concert at Red Rocks where this is such a great energy.

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  1. I am a fan of Matt Kearney and Train as well...sounds like a great time!