Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kansas Part II

I forgot to attach a picture of the hilarious dog treats that Wendy gave us.  Yes, they are shaped like you would imagine...HAHAHAHA.

So anyway, on to the rest of our trip to Kansas.  We got back to Kansas City from Branson in time to celebrate Jaime's birthday at Jose Pepper's.  Margaritas?  Check.

The next day, everyone including Ryan was working so I fiddle faddled around by myself and luckily got to see my friend Kelly!  Unfortunately I didn't get to see my sweet little Reid this time.  :(  When everyone got home Vearl treated us to homemade Reubens...mmmm...he used to always make those for us when we lived there.

Ryan took stealth pictures of Linda and me doing "Just Dance" on the Wii later.  Good thing it was dark.

The next day we got to have lunch with Kylar and Ashlynn at school.

And then we got to spend the entire rest of the day with Rob and Jaime at their house.  Of course we were in the pool!  It was actually not that warm out (which I wasn't expecting and truly hadn't packed correctly!) but Rob was so nice to turn the pool heater on because we had been so excited about coming over and swimming.  Once the kids got home from school we played horse, chicken, had water fights, and enjoyed the rest of the daylight hours.

We ended the night out by the fire pit enjoying a fish fry and homemade onion rings that I kind of begged Vearl to make.  :)

The next day after breakfast we drove to Topeka to stay with Luke and Leslie for a night.  And because we are all just big kids we did what big kids do:  played with horses, dogs, and kitties; drove the go-cart, played games, and ate custard! 

I got to see my sweet baby Bodhi and his momma Pony Sue, Aunt Breezy, and Uncle Joe.
I got to ride Joe and we got into small tiff where I maybe ended up on the ground (mainly due to my poor riding skills) but we kissed and made up. 
Go-Cart!  I'll never forget the first time Leslie and I went ripping around in that thing.

Custard at Freddy's.  I didn't get two on purpose...they just accidentally made extra.  I swear.

The next morning we headed back home to Denver. 

We had a great time and miss and love everyone lots.

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  1. It looks like you guys had a fun, but too quick, trip! I am really curious about chocolate bacon. Jason had some on one of his trips and said it was good, but it's very hard for me to imagine what it would be like. I tried salted caramel last Christmas for the first time and it was so fantastic and I wasn't sure about the concept before trying it, so I feel more open to trying the bacon thing after that.