Monday, September 10, 2012

The Church Lady

The day after we got home from Kansas, we got to go pick up The Church Lady!  We went right after work so Ryan could put the door handles, brake light fixtures, and trunk latch on (he didn't want a repeat of last time) for the drive home.

He put the rest of the hardware on at home and Dion came over with Amy and the kids that following weekend to help put on the bumpers.  You can be sure we've been cruising often since then.  I'll have to get a finished picture posted.

We also came home to massive zucchinis from the garden:

Also that following weekend we attended a neighborhood block party and went to church.  After church we went to coffee like usual but I told Ryan I was feeling extremely tired and just wanted to go home.  I thought I had just worn myself out from the trip to Kansas and the following busy week.  I ended up sleeping ALL DAY.  The next morning when I got up for work I just couldn't get out of bed.  So I stayed home and slept ALL DAY again.  I convinced myself I was better the next day but I really wasn't and was having trouble walking any distance or moving much at all (and talking was such a know it's bad when I can't talk!).  I just couldn't breathe.  So I went to the doctor and apparently I wasn't taking in enough oxygen and I was having some sort of asthmatic response to something.  She immediately gave me a breathing treatment and a prescription for 30 days of Advair and an "emergency" inhaler.  Apparently this has been going on a lot this year. I really wonder if it has to do with how dry it's been this summer and all the smoke in the air because I usually don't have problems like this.  I feel so much better now but I think I'm going to visit an allergist to see if there is something I need to avoid so this doesn't happen again.

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