Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Two weekends ago we went to a K-State alumni watch party at Highland Tap and Burger for the KSU/Oklahoma game.  The watch party is kind of a remote extension of the tailgating and game watching occurring in Manhattan on game day.  Hordes of people dressed in purple show up at the bar to eat, drink, and socialize on the patio for several hours before the game and then once the game starts everyone heads inside to watch.  The food was great and the drinks were flowing and we also got some Colorado 'Cats shirts that we thought were pretty cool. 

It was fun to see and reconnect with people we knew in college.

And the icing on the cake was that KSU beat Oklahoma!

Then the next day we went to the Broncos/Texans game with Sue and Scott.  I was lucky enough to get some tickets from work that weren't being used so we went a little early to tailgate before we headed in to the great seats. 

We also picked some more apples that weekend and Ryan made some yummy applesauce.

Last weekend I wasn't a very fun person as I was determined to deep clean the house.  Thank goodness Ryan is a good sport because we tackled several tasks, such as cleaning blinds, cleaning closets, cleaning the laundry room from top to bottom, wiping down trim, etc.   And I feel so much better.  It's crazy how having the house super clean just makes me feel much calmer and less stressed.  Ryan did fit in a bike ride up Lookout Mountain with Scott.  Sue invited us over for breakfast afterwards so that was a nice treat for our otherwise uneventful weekend.



  1. What great fall activities! I think I say this about every season when it starts, but I really think fall is the best time of year. Football is so fun and the weather is wonderful. And I am impressed with all your canning efforts. I have done that a few times, though I don't think I will get to it this year, and it is so satisfying. Also that is great to get all those deep cleaning tasks done. I hate cleaning with a passion so I tend to put off things like that far too long.

  2. Linda and I rode our bikes down to the end of the drive and back