Sunday, July 1, 2012

Memorial Day

Over Memorial Day my Mom came to vistit for a long weekend.  And this is what we do:
I watch while she makes me momma's home cookin!  Ha!  Mmmmm, fried noodles?  Yes please!  Aisan vegetables?  Yep!  This is my comfort food.  It was so nice to go to the Asian market with Mom and get to eat some of her cooking for several days.

We made sure to go out for dim sum a couple of times.  It is so much better when she is there because she knows what everything is and she can converse with servers and get us the best stuff.  She tried to teach me how to say some things in Chinese but I'm pretty sure my accent is atrocious because it doesn't seem like anyone can ever undersatnd me. 
We went to church and Marlene and Roy asked one of the members if we could come by and see the train set he and a friend had worked on for years.  It was amazing!  Here is the New Orleans section:

The Chicago section:

I thought this was hilarious - someone actually in the outhouse!  The attention to detail in this model is just unbelievable!

I had to take a picture of this flyer because the band "The Fray" actually used to practice in the room where the model is before they became famous (one of the model builders is the grandfather of the drummer).

One day we went to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  It is such a beautfiul place (so devastating that it's on fire right now) and I'm so glad Mom got to see it.

We also went to Pike's Peak.  It was amazing how cold it was up there!!!

We indulged in some high elevation donuts.

We had so much fun!  It was so nice having my momma come visit me for several days. 


  1. SO glad to see a post from you! It looks like you had a great weekend with your mom!

  2. There is nothing better than mom's cooking no matter how old you get! And I feel like it always tastes better when my mom makes stuff even though I swear we do it exactly the same way. Sounds like a fun weekend and that train model is amazing.

  3. I love seeing pics of your mama...I have such fond memories of her from childhood. Glad you two enjoy a fun weekend together!