Thursday, July 12, 2012

Advocare 24 day challenge

I got an awesome package today and I can't wait to post about it but I'm so far behind on my posting and need to catch up!  So I'm going to try to do just that in the next few days.

For most of the month of June, Ryan and I were doing Advocare's 24 day challenge, which is basically a 10 day cleanse and a 14 day healthy eating challenge.  The cleanse consists of fiber drinks (which were not as bad as I expected) supplements/vitamins, and 3 healthy meals and 2-3 healthy snacks per day.  The last 14 days you're off the fiber drink.  Also, working out is highly recommended throughout the challenge as Advocare is very focused on fitness and nutrition.  I was a bit intimidated at first because I've never been the best eater but it actually became a lot of fun to plan our meals and everything was really delicious.  We had lots of fresh fruits, veggies, healthy fats like peanut butter, and lean proteins.  Oh and I personally loved the morning shakes because a) they're really tasty and b) they're so easy to mix in a shaker cup and go, especially for someone like me who usually skips breakfast - so, I'm still drinking them everyday!

During the challenge, I lost 5.5 lbs and 5.25 inches overall!!!  I felt great and even a few weeks later I've kept the weight off (even though I may have stuffed my face with a cupcake or two or three since then).  Anyway, I'm thinking I might continue to do the 10 day cleanse every quarter to kick start me into eating healthfully (if I'm not still doing so).  Ryan got great results too.  He was already super lean and muscular but he shredded the last tiny bit of body fat that he had.  And of course, he has not since stuffed his face with sweets and has instead continued to be Mr. Super Fit and Healthy. 
We liked the Advocare products and programs so much that we became distributors so if anyone is interested, here is a link to our website.
I really feel better than I've felt in a long time and everything about the program made sense so hopefully I can continue to keep it up.

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