Sunday, December 18, 2011


On the Saturday that Luke and Leslie were in town we headed up to Winter Park to go snowmobiling!  We signed up for a 2 hour guided tour which took us up to the Continental Divide.  Leslie and I decided to be passengers, which is probably a good thing because Les has a strong history of breaking bones while in my company. 

Trying on helmets:

Getting our sleds:

We stopped about halfway up to take pictures:

Here we are at the Continental Divide:

We stopped on our way back down to take more pictures.  The train tracks were so pretty.  Apparently there is an old ghost town, called Arrow, somewhere in the area that serviced rail traffic when the trains were still running this route.

On our way out of high country we stopped and had mountain pies at Beaujo's.  When we got back, Leslie and I crashed.
Notice our matching blankies?  I had admired Leslie's so much when I first saw it that she went and picked out fabric for mine and her Momma Sharon and Aunt made it for me last year.  :)  Because I never shared it with Ryan and he was a bit envious, he ended up getting a blankie this time.
Unfortunately Luke and Leslie had to leave early Sunday morning, but we had a wonderful few days and I know I'm so lucky to have such great friends.  I already can't wait until the next visit!

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