Saturday, December 17, 2011

Luke and Leslie

Hello again!  It's been a while!  I have been one busy girl since the last time I posted, which was over a week and a half ago about our second ski day in Keystone.  The Thursday night after that ski day, my best friend since I was 5 years old and her husband (who I've also known for a very long time as we all grew up in the same town) came out to visit.  They came out for a few days last year and we had a great time and I was so excited they were coming out again.  Of course, Leslie brought a giant bag of salt water taffy for us to enjoy.  Ryan also purchased a bag of salt water taffy because he remembered how much we enjoyed it last year when Leslie brought some.  Below, I am acting like I'm chewing on lots of taffy and Leslie actually is chewing on taffy.  Haha.
On Friday, Ryan had to work but Luke, Leslie, and I drove all around the city and beyond to different shops like Boulder Running Company, Sheplers, Sprouts, and the Outlets at Castle Rock.  We also stopped by a site that Luke's company is currently building on.  Ryan told Luke he felt sorry for him spending the day shopping with us girls but I'd say he made out like a bandit.  He found more stuff than Leslie and I did combined!  I think because he had so much luck he and Les should probably always come out to do shopping in Denver.  :)  Here are his boots that he never did take the stickers and tags off of (as you can see) even though he was wearing them around.  Some of the stickers worked themselves off though and I keep finding them in random places in the house...
That night we went to Mickey's for steaks as Leslie and I both LOVE us some medium rare prime rib.  Yum.  Can you tell we were raised in the Midwest?
Ryan and Luke were very impressed with the "personal pitchers" that Mickey's offered.  I'm pretty sure that neither of them actually took the step to pour their beer from the pitcher into a glass.

When we all asked for loaded baked potatoes they didn't mess around.
After dinner we went back to the house and just relaxed with some beer, pool, and movies.  It was so much fun spending time with old friends all day!  I will write about our next day of fun in the next post.

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