Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ski Day 2

Yesterday Ryan and I both took a vacation day so we could go skiing again.  We got up to Keystone fairly late in the day (around noon) but that doesn't mean it was any warmer...I think it was in the teens!  This time I was confident that I would do better than last time but the first run down I wrecked twice right out of the gate.  I felt like I didn't have any control over my skis so we checked my boots and apparently I didn't have them nearly tight enough.  After Ryan fixed them all was much better.  :)  After a couple runs I was getting tired and cold so I headed into the club house at the summit to rest, warm up, and have lunch while Ryan skied a few more challenging runs by himself.  You can tell my nose and cheeks are pretty red from the cold.
Then Ryan came in to eat and get me for more skiing.  Of course he had to help me with my boots as I clearly didn't do a good job with them earlier.

While I'm still incredibly terrible at skiing, I am getting better and enjoying our trips up to the slopes!  And going on a weekday is great because there are far fewer people up there and the drive wasn't bad at all.

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