Wednesday, November 30, 2011

End of Vacation

During our last three days in Playa we did a lot of relaxing.  We spent lots of time by the pool and beach.  I read three books!  It was perfect!  No matter where you were, servers would bring you drinks and food and every morning someone pushed around a cart with fresh tropical fruit which he would top with salt, chile, and lime.  Sooooo delicious.  One afternoon he pushed around a cart of ice cream with toppings.  That's the life for me.  :)  We also got to see and hold monkeys!  One day I held two squirrel monkeys and the next we both held a capuchin monkey.  I tried to buy a picture but their computers were acting up and we were getting ready to leave for the airport so I didn't get them.  :(   Here are a few pictures of our last days of vacation.

Ryan getting connected on the iPad:
Dinner at the steakhouse.  Super yum.

My big, ginormous, curly hair (which is normally pretty straight) that was out of control the entire time in Mexico.
Ryan being ornery while waiting for our shuttle bus into the town of Playa del Carmen.
Me and Pancho Villa (I think) in town.

Enjoying the beach and the ocean the last day before we had to head to the airport.

Waiting for the shuttle to the airport.  Clearly, I didn't want to leave!
As usual, a little ice cream cheered me up.
We got home late Thanksgiving night and really no restaurants were open so we had a delicious Thanksgiving meal of Ramen noodles.  The funny thing is if we would have been in Mexico we would have been able to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast!  It was actually wonderful to travel on Thanksgiving, though, because the airports were not busy at all and it was super easy to get in and out. 

I loved Playa and would love to go back!  I highly recommend going there if you're looking for a relaxing, warm vacation!

I'll write about our 3 day weekend following our vacation in my next post. 


  1. It looks like you guys had a great time, but in my opinion you can never go wrong when a beach is involved! As always, love seeing all the great pictures....I certainly hope you are adding them all to a scrapbook....LOL. Have a great weekend!

  2. This looks like so much fun. I cannot wait to go somewhere with a beach again. Especially now that the weather got cold.